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Telphone: 972-3-6254688   Fax:972-3-6254621
Address: Rubinstein Bldg., 20 Lincoln St., Tel Aviv, Israel

Company Profile

Haushner Malul Engineering & Real Estate Appraisal was founded in 1991 by Mr. Oded Haushner, a real-estate appraiser and civil engineer, and to this day he personally manages it. The office is certified under, and operates under, international quality standard ISO 9000:2001, and it is strictly monitored by process control at every stage.

Professional Services

  • Real-estate appraisal
  • Construction loans
  • Improvement tax
  • Appeals to the Israel Lands Authority
  • studies for construction projects and for repurposed land
  • Real-estate assessment for financial institutions
  • improvement tax assessors opposite.
  • Real-estate assessment under the new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Consultancy to local planning and construction councils, regarding sales of rights
  • Examination of how pending city plans effect appraisals
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Various commercial assessments in the private sector, and appraisals for the courts (The office is authorized to give professional opinions before the district court and before the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.)